This toolkit will provide training and information on how to support
co-workers, clients and customers
with epilepsy in the workplace.
Table of Contents

Understanding Epilepsy in the Workplace

Headshot of a woman who has a concerned expression In 30 minutes you will be able to answer the question, "How can I help"? This is a course for employees and co-workers working in any workplace environment.

A course for employees and co-workers

Users will be able to gain the knowledge they need to act positively and appropriately towards people with epilepsy whether they are co-workers or customers.

A casually dressed woman and a man in a suit sitting at a table in a working environment
"What would you do if you found out a co-worker had epilepsy?"

Teaching points

  • Epilepsy basics
  • Myths and facts
  • How to discuss epilepsy
  • How to accommodate an employee with epilepsy
  • Creating an inclusive workplace

A fully interactive story format with liberal usage
of audio, video and knowledge checks.

Seizure Safety

Headshot of a man who looks concerned about something These unique and original videos will teach the user how to recognize the most common seizure types and how to provide the most appropriate assistance, in various workplace settings.
Man with hands half way up trying to transmit calm

Tonic/clonic seizure simulator

Formerly known as a Grand Mal seizure, this unique video-based seizure simulator gives the user the opportunity to make decisions on how to help a restaurant patron during her convulsive seizure.

Helpful Resources

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